“Fit Me! Matte & Poreless”

Over the past couple of weeks through my agency I have been representing Maybelline and promoting their top selling foundations, the SuperStay 24hr, the Dream Satin and the “Fit Me! Matte & Poreless” foundation.

I first came across this new product before my job with Maybelline after seeing Beautycrush’s (Samantha Maria) snapchat that she was trying it and I was instantly intrigued. A foundation thats £5.99 and has some of the best beauty bloggers in the industry using it?!


So I was super excited to have the chance to look through the entire range of the “Fit me! Matte & Poreless” foundation and I was pleasantly surprised at the shades! As a makeup artist its always nice to see a full range to suit every skin tone, from the very lightest to the darkest. The darkest shade “Espresso” is lovely, with the all important blue undertone rather than orange. The lightest shade (which I am) is nice and neutral, doesn’t make me look too pink or orange at all, perfect!

Its made for normal to oily skin, again which I have, and Ive found even after a long day of wearing it my face was only slightly shiny, whereas usually its like I’ve dipped my face in a bowl of highlighter!


And the fact that its only £5.99 is brilliant. Shall see how long the bottle lasts but at the moment I don’t need much at all for a great coverage on my face when applying with my Real Techniques sponge. I definitely prefer it to Maybelline’s Super Stay 24hr foundation as I find that that foundation didn’t suit my skin at all and that it smeared on my face and left me very oily, whereas this product left me totally matte and comfortable in my own skin!






Bargain Beauty Buys (Part 2!)

Hi everyone!

Finally jumping onto the blogging band wagon for 2017, after spending the first week of it in bed unwell I’m finally feeling some inspiration to do some writing.

So first off is another of one of my most popular posts, a review of a “Bargain Beauty Buy” (I can see this becoming a series…).

Shock horror, another liquid lipstick has found its way into my makeup bag, although this one is something slightly different to what I’m used to! Usually when it comes to anything lip based, I always go for something a little on the nude side, due to my eye makeup normally being a bit heavier. However recently I have found myself toning down a little on the eye makeup and being a little more adventurous with my lip colours!


So my latest favourite is another Primark PS Super Matte Liquid Lipstick in the shade “KIKI”. This gloriously deep shade caught my eye and I was feeling a little brave that day and thought, why not! In the packaging it looks like a deep plum colour, but once on the lips I found it to be even darker and super vampy. Now being a nude lip colour kind of gal I thought I would run a mile but I LOVED IT.


Like in my last Bargain Beauty Buys review of these Primark liquid lipsticks it went on beautifully, the pigment in this shade was lovely and dark, and it dried quickly and evenly. I found it stayed put (I had travelled to the other side of London to be the makeup artist for a very fun music video and I didn’t have to reapply once throughout the whole shoot!). When I got home and was very ready to take all my makeup off, it came off easily with a makeup wipe, and then once I had completed my full cleanse routine it was all gone!


I highly recommend these liquid lipsticks and very much looking forward to trying out more shades myself (added bonus that they are super CHEAP).

Im off to Paris on Sunday for a couple of days so hopefully I will have some lovely pictures to share with you from my trip next week!

Bargain Beauty Buys!

Ok, something for those on a very tight budget! As I took a quick trip into Primark over the weekend to pick up some jeans, I noticed that the beauty section had grown considerably. So many people were buying makeup products here! Now, being a professional makeup artist, using or even trying Primark Makeup had never popped into my mind, but curiosity got the better of me, so I picked up a couple of bargains! I also purchased  this gorgeous shoulder bag (which my dogs have been very curious about, due to the fluffy keychain attached haha) and a very pretty rose gold necklace!


I decided to purchase a couple of lip products, a nail polish and some other beauty supplies, so in this blog post I will review the two products I’ve used so far then do another post later on this week. So the two bargain beauty buys I decided to try over this weekend were a “PS Gel Effect Nail Polish” in the shade “Feisty” and a “PS Super Matte Liquid Lipstick” in the shade “Kourtney”. The colours looked lovely and I was definitely excited to try them both, especially the liquid lipstick as it has become a staple in my everyday makeup recently.



First up, the nail polish at £1.50. I was definitely pleasantly surprised! The polish went on smoothly, the colour was rich and deep, and you could quite easily get away with only one coat! The only downside I found was the brush shape, it is very large and square, which for people with tiny fingernails like myself can find a little difficult getting into the edges of the nail. I have had a little chipping however I didn’t have time to use a top coat so I’m sure it would last longer with an extra layer of protection. Im going to give this a solid 4/5!



Next is the liquid lipstick. I LOVE liquid lipsticks, my collection is slowly growing, and after using this product I will definitely be adding more of these Primark ones to my own personal makeup kit. The colour is a lovely light, nude shade of pink, perfect for everyday wear. The formula went on smoothly, not gloopy, and dried very quickly and didn’t dry out my lips at all! I only had two downsides: firstly the brush was fairly large and rounded, so you have to be careful when applying, especially to the cupids bow. Secondly the lipstick is slightly thin and not massively pigmented, but that was rectified with a second coat, which still dried without a problem. Overall I think this is a great value for money product and at only £2 I will give this liquid lipstick a 4.5/5!

Do you have any favourites from the Primark beauty range? Or any other favourite bargain beauty buys from other shops? Let me know in the comments!

Must Read Books: December 2016

I went on a little book shopping spree recently. I do love to read, however I often don’t find time, or make the time, to sit down and enjoy a good book. However getting closer to Christmas I find my diary getting a little quieter (ready for the craziness that is January), and I have found some time in which to grab a cup of tea (or three) and enjoy my latest purchases.



1) Bloom, Estée Lalonde


One of my favourite YouTubers and bloggers, Estée Lalonde, released her amazing book “Bloom” last month, and I have to say it is one of the most amazing books I’ve ever had the pleasure to read/own/just stare at. The photography and pictures are stunning, as is the writing itself. Its a lovely lazy Sunday read, taking us through her childhood, adolescence and all the way up to the utter #GirlBoss she is today. The book really spoke to me, and what with running my own business and starting up blogging again, some of her amazing words can really give me the kick up the butt to not give up, no matter how much my confidence can suffer. If its one book thats on your Christmas list this year, make it this one, you won’t be sorry!


2) Hygge: The Danish Art Of Happiness, Marie Tourell Søderberg


Next up is a book that appeared on the suggestions on Amazon when I was buying “Bloom”. Now this word, Hygge, has been banded around recently, and after reading the blurb I thought why not give this a read? This book is called “Hygge: The Danish Art Of Happiness” by Marie Tourell Søderberg. Being a major advocate of mindfulness and trying to be in the moment, this book all about shutting out the modern world, being cosy and enjoying time with loved ones really got me excited. Safe so say I read this in one afternoon, and like the first book in this post, the photographs that accompanied the writing were absolutely stunning. This book takes what “Hygge” means to different people from not just its country of origin, Denmark, but all over the world. It can mean taking 20 minutes to switch off your phone, grab a cup of tea and read a good book (sounds very hygge to me!) or enjoying a traditional family meal at the table with your loved ones (and this book includes those traditional Danish recipes to try yourself!). This was a very lovely, comforting book, that I’m sure I will open on cosy Sunday afternoons when I want to wind down at the end of the week.


3) Blogosphere Magazine


Lastly, less of a book really, is the latest issue of Blogosphere Magazine. The reasons why I decided to purchase this publication were that a) its a great sounding magazine with excellent content, and b) that the editorial featuring the cover star, Zoe Sugg, is absolutely stunning from a makeup artist and hairstylists point of view. The creative team on this shoot did an absolutely amazing job, and is one of my favourite styles of photographs: stripped back and natural, yet you can see where a lot of effort has been put in (trust me, sometimes the “no makeup, makeup look” is one of the hardest things to pull off). The magazine itself is chock-full of great interviews, blog suggestions and events, and I am so pleased that I went for the special subscription deal that they had on and now I wait eagerly for next year’s issues!

So those are my current favourite reads, do you have any particular books you are loving at the moment? Let me know in the comments!

Christmas Red Lip Tutorial

Hey guys! So Christmas is fast approaching, as are the multitude of Christmas parties, evening drinks and family dinners. But after spending a full day at work, sometimes you can’t be bothered to re-do a full face of makeup, but you want something to take you from your everyday look to something a little more glam. The easiest and quickest way? A great red lip.


In this weeks #FASHCAST tutorial I show you how to get a lovely ombré red lip using “Papaya Gold Paw Paw” and Smashbox Cosmetics new “Always on Liquid Lipsticks” in the shades “BAWSE” and “DISORDERLY”.



Its quick and easy, and really steps up your makeup in just a few minutes!

Let me know what you all think of this look in the comments below!

Makeup was applied to the lovely Stefanie Rycraft Jones (@steffrjones) and filmed by the talented Archie Thomas (@archiethomasdotcom).

Pro Makeup Artist Skincare Favourites

Hey everyone! So today I thought Id share with you a few of my favourite skincare products that take pride of place in my professional makeup kit.


Skincare is a fundamental starting point for perfect makeup application. Products will not apply to the face well if the skin is not prepped perfectly!

The most common skincare steps are cleanse, tone and moisturise. These three steps will ensure the skin is clean from any old makeup or residue, smooth and soft ready for makeup application. As a makeup professional I add in a couple of extra steps to ensure maximum skin perfection ready for that flawless makeup look.


Firstly, I take my favourite sensitive skin cleanser, “Bioderma Sensibio H2O“. This cleanser is great just applied to a couple of cotton wool pads and swept over the face. It removes makeup gently but with ease, and doesn’t leave an oily residue on the skin.


Next up, toner! My all time favourite pro toner is the “Dermalogica Multi-Active Toner“. This spritz-style toner is super refreshing and really wakes up the skin (not to mention it smells great and every client or model I’ve used it on absolutely loves it).


Now before we move on to the standard next step, I like to add in an extra boost of moisture with my favourite serum, “Kiko Skin Trainer Serum“. Now the packaging has changed but the formula is the same, and its a brilliant product for when you want to add a little dewiness to the skin, or if your skin is a little dry and needs a helping hand!


Next up is a newer purchase of mine, but it has fallen firmly into my skincare application routine. The “Liz Earle Skin Repair Light Moisturiser” is a perfect finisher to a professional skincare routine. The formula is light and soft, absorbs quickly and leaves the skin feeling smooth and supple, a perfect base for makeup!


Finally a couple of extra steps: Lips! Dry lips are not a good look, especially when applying lipstick or gloss. My favourite balm is the “Papaya Gold Paw Paw Moisturising Balm“. This balm is the perfect consistency, not too wet, goes on matte (so perfect for male grooming) and absorbs into the lips easily. Plus a little goes a long way!


Finally for when you are doing any makeup look which requires that little extra dewiness or moisture, the “Caudalie Beauty Elixir” is the perfect little spritz . Its cooling and soothing and smells absolutely amazing!


So thats my current favourites! Do you have any preferred pro skincare products or tips? Let me know in the comments!

Bobbi Brown Mini Haul

My professional makeup kit is always going through changes, whether I’ve bought the products or if I’ve been gifted them, I will always give them a try. Some products are brilliant and have a permanent place in my kit, and others either make their way into my own personal makeup bag or get given to friends and family. However one brand which has always stayed in my kit from the beginning, no matter what product, is Bobbi Brown!


This brand has been with me since I started training as a makeup artist, and for good reason: All of its products are great, from the foundations, to the eyeliners and especially their under eye concealers (my absolute wonder product).

So when my kit was running a little low I decided to do a little shopping to replenish my kits of some foundations and concealers!


First off I needed some foundations, my stock of very light shades was running low (being the winter months, some of my clients and models are getting very fair!) and I knew Bobbi Brown’s shades were actually “fair” unlike some other brands where the lightest shade is still orange!

I decided to go with the “Long-Wear Even Finish Foundation” in shades “Porcelain” and “Natural”. These products are brilliant, you only need a little to go a long way, and the coverage is lovely, with more of a magnifying than dewy effect, which is perfect for Winter.

FullSizeRender 16.jpg


Next up I had to replenish my under eye concealers. Now, if you have ever worked with me you will know HOW MUCH I LOVE Bobbi Brown’s “Tinted Eye Brightener“. Now this product again you only need a little of, and even the darkest of circles are instantly brightened and concealed once blended in, and when its set with a little powder stays brilliantly. I went with the colours “Porcelain Bisque” and “Bisque”.


I was also given some samples of the “Smokey Eye Mascara” which I am yet to try, however if it is as good as the Bobbi Brown “Eye Opening Mascara” I’m sure it will be a hit!

Do you have any particular brands that you love? Let me know in the comments below!


For today’s blog post I am going to introduce you to two of my favourite things in the world. My little dogs.



Back in March of 2014, in a cast, wheelchair bound following extensive leg surgery, my life at home was getting a little lonely. After a nice day out my parents decided to surprise me with saying “you can get a dog!”. Fast forward 2 and a half years later I now have my two most precious little things in the whole world.

Lets start off with the oldest: Poppy.


My little squirrel


She is a 2 year old (3 in January!) Yorkshire Terrier. She is a sensitive wee soul, loves a cuddle but also is more than happy to take herself off to bed and chill on my duvet.

One of my favourite things about her is her unfortunate little tail. After wagging it a little too vigorously when she was a baby, she dislocated it against a chair leg and was left with a hooked tail that we now affectionately call: her squirrel tail.


Baby Girl

In the September of 2014, we decided Poppy could do with a little companionship, so, along came Winifred!


My little Winifred… The nutter.


She definitely wanted the biscuit…

Now 2 and a half, being half Patterdale Terrier crossed with Yorkie really shows (hint: they’re mental) but she is the most loving little dog in the whole world! Her “morning cuddles” are a joy that I get to experience every morning, whether I’m ready for them or not!


She also likes to think she is a cat…

I recently decided to make the girls their own Instagram, to keep my Makeup Artist one a little more professional. So you can follow and see what they get up to over on @poppyandwinifredshow

Do any of my lovely readers have pups of their own? Or any other pet that they love? Let me know!




My Current Skincare Routine For Winter

Winter, my second favourite season after Autumn (or Fall for my readers over the pond!). Christmas, cosy nights in, chilly dog walks with a well earned pint in front of the pub fire at the end of it, what isn’t to love? Well, my skin does not agree with my enthusiasm for these frosty months.

With oily/combination skin that can also get very dry and itchy in the colder months I knew I needed something that could balance out my skin but also be super gentle and cater for my uber sensitive skin.

Well yet again the call of the John Lewis Black Friday event was too strong to resist and after doing some googling and looking at other beauty blogger favourites, over I went to the Clarins Counter.

After speaking to the very nice lady working for Clarins, I first settled on the “Gentle Foaming Cleanser for Oily/Combination Skin”. Well, this cleanser really is a revelation. It easy dissolves my makeup in the evening, leaving my skin (quite literally) squeaky clean.


Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser

For the toner, I had a choice from either the “Clarins Toning Lotion for Oily/Combination Skin” or the even more gentle “Clarins Extra – Comfort Toning Lotion for Sensitised Skin”. After talking with the lady working on the counter we decided on the latter. Its a beautiful toner, that glides onto the skin, leaving it feeling super soft and clean.


Clarins Extra-Comfort Toning Lotion

Finally for a moisturiser I stuck with my tried and tested favourite, and not something many people would go for! Aldi’s (yes, the supermarket) “Lacura Caviar Day Cream”. Now having heard about this cream through my mum that had used it, I was admittedly sceptical, however I have already gone through one large pot and am on to my second! Its rich, thick (but soaks in quickly, not greasy at all) and is a perfect pre-makeup moisturiser as it leaves the skin feels plump and soft.


Aldi Lacura Caviar Day Cream

So hopefully this regime can help calm my skin for the next few chilly months!


Winter Skincare Routine

If you have any great winter skincare recommendations for sensitive skin please do let me know in the comments!

Lots of love,




Charlotte Tilbury Lip Haul

This Black Friday I decided to take advantage of John Lewis’ 10% off deal on their entire makeup and skincare department, and updated my makeup kit! I did also decide to update my skin care routine, but more on that in another post…


Charlotte Tilbury Haul

Charlotte Tilbury has always been one of my favourite makeup brands. Their formulas are incredible, give a gorgeous finish and they have amazing packaging.

My pro kit was sorely needing a winter lip update, so I went straight over to the counter to take a look at their stunning range of shades.


Charlotte Tilbury Lipsticks and Liners

A few took my eye straight away, and after talking to the lovely counter staff, I went with 3 lipsticks and 3 lip liners.


Charlotte Tilbury Lipsticks

The first lipstick I chose was in their K.I.S.S.I.N.G. Lip range, in the shade “Night Crimson”. This lipstick has a beautiful satin finish, with gorgeous pigment.


“Night Crimson” Lipstick

Next, I went with two shades from the Matte Revolution range, in shades “Glastonberry” and “Very Victoria”. Glastonberry and Night Crimson are very similar in shade however everyone loves a matte lip at the moment so I decided to go with both finishes! Very Victoria is a lovely day time shade, with excellent staying power!


“Glastonberry” Lipstick


“Very Victoria” Lipstick

For lip liners I decided to go with similar shades to the lipsticks, and went with shades: “Hollywood Honey”, “Pillow Talk” and “Berry Naughty”. Again these products have excellent staying power and they glide onto the lips beautifully.

I decided to try a lipstick out this sunday and went with the stunning “Glastonberry”. Had wonderful staying power and even with a matte formula my lips did not dry out.


Me wearing “Glastonberry”

I will definitely be aiming to add the full collection of Charlotte Tilbury Lip products to my kit…one day!

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The Best Interior Design Shop Ever?

This weekend whilst enjoying an impromptu trip to Norwich, my fiancé and I decided to head into the Norwich Royal Arcade for a hot drink and some lunch in a lovely little cafe, Marmalades.


Royal Norwich Arcade

Whilst in here, across the way a beautiful shop front caught my eye. Fit to burst with flowers, home accessories and furniture, all in varying shades of white, grey and rose gold, I knew I just had to take a look.


Stunning fake flowers

So the next day, in I dragged Alec to what I think what was the most beautiful shop I had ever set foot in, Berrys & Grey.


Berrys & Grey

Exclaiming that “I literally want everything in here” at least 5 times (if only my bank account would agree) I set about exploring. Inside you will find a beautiful array of home decor, quirky tables, gorgeous chairs, chaise lounges, candles, stunning displays of fake flowers and so much more.


Gorgeous tree adorned in fairy lights



I want this rose gold telephone!



Very interesting book ends!



Beautiful fake roses

Everything so was so stunningly decorated and presented, that if I could pick up the displays and pop them into my home, not much would change!


Rose Gold Everything!



After wandering around and taking some photos, I realised that something else was making the store particularly appealing: the smell! I asked a lady who was working there what they were using (I think this may have been the owner) and she proudly told me that it was one of their own brand candles that had just been released. So, of course, being the candle lover that I am, I am now the very happy owner of a Berrys & Grey “Prosecco & Berries” Candle. IT SMELLS SO GOOD.


Prosecco & Berries Candle


Candle with my favourite book of the moment, Bloom!

It really is a beautiful smelling candle, and the packaging is absolutely stunning. The lid either comes in rose gold or silver.


Best smelling candle ever!

Later on once we had met up with a few friends I told them about this gorgeous place, and once they had smelt my wonderful new candle, we all headed back to take a look, in which I captured a very pretty picture of Alex and Alec, looking very happy together underneath a flower arch…


Alex and Alec, very much in love..

Safe to say when Alec and I next return to Norwich I know exactly where my first shopping stop will be!






This weekend my fiancé, a few friends and I decided to go and visit the Norwegian Christmas market that had set up in the centre of Norwich. After going to University here, Alec (said fiancé) loves this city and I have to agree with him. We often like to take weekends away, not too far away, and after a friend suggested going to visit the market on the Sunday we decided to turn it into an impromptu weekend away.
We stayed in a lovely Best Western Hotel just outside the city centre, which was perfect for us with a lovely little walk to reach the shops. After the two hour drive we decided to head straight into the centre to have some lunch, where we entered the gorgeous Royal Arcade. Here you will find a lovely little cafe, Marmalades, where we both enjoyed some hot drinks and toasties. Located in this store is my new favourite shop ever, Berrys and Grey, in which I took so many photos I will be doing a completely separate blog post!
On the Saturday we explored Norwich a little, enjoyed a few drinks at a very quirky cafe, The Bicycle Shop, before meeting friends at an American Diner for some burgers and cocktails!
Sunday appeared rainy and grey, however after a very delicious breakfast we braved the weather and headed into the city where the weather was quite kind to us for the rest of the day! Sunday was spent relaxing with friends, testing out my new camera and drinking hot chocolate.
My next post will be all about that fabulous interiors shop in the Arcade, and hopefully some well edited photos once I have got the hang of photoshop!