Bobbi Brown Mini Haul

My professional makeup kit is always going through changes, whether I’ve bought the products or if I’ve been gifted them, I will always give them a try. Some products are brilliant and have a permanent place in my kit, and others either make their way into my own personal makeup bag or get given to friends and family. However one brand which has always stayed in my kit from the beginning, no matter what product, is Bobbi Brown!


This brand has been with me since I started training as a makeup artist, and for good reason: All of its products are great, from the foundations, to the eyeliners and especially their under eye concealers (my absolute wonder product).

So when my kit was running a little low I decided to do a little shopping to replenish my kits of some foundations and concealers!


First off I needed some foundations, my stock of very light shades was running low (being the winter months, some of my clients and models are getting very fair!) and I knew Bobbi Brown’s shades were actually “fair” unlike some other brands where the lightest shade is still orange!

I decided to go with the “Long-Wear Even Finish Foundation” in shades “Porcelain” and “Natural”. These products are brilliant, you only need a little to go a long way, and the coverage is lovely, with more of a magnifying than dewy effect, which is perfect for Winter.

FullSizeRender 16.jpg


Next up I had to replenish my under eye concealers. Now, if you have ever worked with me you will know HOW MUCH I LOVE Bobbi Brown’s “Tinted Eye Brightener“. Now this product again you only need a little of, and even the darkest of circles are instantly brightened and concealed once blended in, and when its set with a little powder stays brilliantly. I went with the colours “Porcelain Bisque” and “Bisque”.


I was also given some samples of the “Smokey Eye Mascara” which I am yet to try, however if it is as good as the Bobbi Brown “Eye Opening Mascara” I’m sure it will be a hit!

Do you have any particular brands that you love? Let me know in the comments below!


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