Bargain Beauty Buys!

Ok, something for those on a very tight budget! As I took a quick trip into Primark over the weekend to pick up some jeans, I noticed that the beauty section had grown considerably. So many people were buying makeup products here! Now, being a professional makeup artist, using or even trying Primark Makeup had never popped into my mind, but curiosity got the better of me, so I picked up a couple of bargains! I also purchased  this gorgeous shoulder bag (which my dogs have been very curious about, due to the fluffy keychain attached haha) and a very pretty rose gold necklace!


I decided to purchase a couple of lip products, a nail polish and some other beauty supplies, so in this blog post I will review the two products I’ve used so far then do another post later on this week. So the two bargain beauty buys I decided to try over this weekend were a “PS Gel Effect Nail Polish” in the shade “Feisty” and a “PS Super Matte Liquid Lipstick” in the shade “Kourtney”. The colours looked lovely and I was definitely excited to try them both, especially the liquid lipstick as it has become a staple in my everyday makeup recently.



First up, the nail polish at £1.50. I was definitely pleasantly surprised! The polish went on smoothly, the colour was rich and deep, and you could quite easily get away with only one coat! The only downside I found was the brush shape, it is very large and square, which for people with tiny fingernails like myself can find a little difficult getting into the edges of the nail. I have had a little chipping however I didn’t have time to use a top coat so I’m sure it would last longer with an extra layer of protection. Im going to give this a solid 4/5!



Next is the liquid lipstick. I LOVE liquid lipsticks, my collection is slowly growing, and after using this product I will definitely be adding more of these Primark ones to my own personal makeup kit. The colour is a lovely light, nude shade of pink, perfect for everyday wear. The formula went on smoothly, not gloopy, and dried very quickly and didn’t dry out my lips at all! I only had two downsides: firstly the brush was fairly large and rounded, so you have to be careful when applying, especially to the cupids bow. Secondly the lipstick is slightly thin and not massively pigmented, but that was rectified with a second coat, which still dried without a problem. Overall I think this is a great value for money product and at only £2 I will give this liquid lipstick a 4.5/5!

Do you have any favourites from the Primark beauty range? Or any other favourite bargain beauty buys from other shops? Let me know in the comments!


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