Bargain Beauty Buys (Part 2!)

Hi everyone!

Finally jumping onto the blogging band wagon for 2017, after spending the first week of it in bed unwell I’m finally feeling some inspiration to do some writing.

So first off is another of one of my most popular posts, a review of a “Bargain Beauty Buy” (I can see this becoming a series…).

Shock horror, another liquid lipstick has found its way into my makeup bag, although this one is something slightly different to what I’m used to! Usually when it comes to anything lip based, I always go for something a little on the nude side, due to my eye makeup normally being a bit heavier. However recently I have found myself toning down a little on the eye makeup and being a little more adventurous with my lip colours!


So my latest favourite is another Primark PS Super Matte Liquid Lipstick in the shade “KIKI”. This gloriously deep shade caught my eye and I was feeling a little brave that day and thought, why not! In the packaging it looks like a deep plum colour, but once on the lips I found it to be even darker and super vampy. Now being a nude lip colour kind of gal I thought I would run a mile but I LOVED IT.


Like in my last Bargain Beauty Buys review of these Primark liquid lipsticks it went on beautifully, the pigment in this shade was lovely and dark, and it dried quickly and evenly. I found it stayed put (I had travelled to the other side of London to be the makeup artist for a very fun music video and I didn’t have to reapply once throughout the whole shoot!). When I got home and was very ready to take all my makeup off, it came off easily with a makeup wipe, and then once I had completed my full cleanse routine it was all gone!


I highly recommend these liquid lipsticks and very much looking forward to trying out more shades myself (added bonus that they are super CHEAP).

Im off to Paris on Sunday for a couple of days so hopefully I will have some lovely pictures to share with you from my trip next week!


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